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We have selected the latest news from the security industry so you can learn more about the newest systems, products and events happening in the UK right now.

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New Texecom Radio Kit Range

Texecom have released a new range of Radio Kits that simplify takeovers and small radio systems and offer a wireless bell. The new kit will be available from September 2014.

The basic kit has 12 zones, 4 of which are hard wired, 2 radio passives, 1 radio door contact, 5 tags and a wired remote keypad for £150.48 + VAT through ADI.

These new systems from Texecom are a good solution to radio especially for those who do not want to go through the struggle of learning new products.

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Samsung WiseNet Chipset

Samsung have recently released a brand new WiseNet Chipset that has the processing power in a camera to allow the use of 3rd party applications.

The new Chipset has a built in audio device that can provide an alarm based on a variable noise threshold. The image stabilisation capabilities of the Chipset allows for cameras to be used in areas that you previously couldn't.

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Chris Lewis - Ranked 40th Most Influential

The list published by, a site connecting the fire and security community, placed the Oxford businessman at number 40. The ranking of the 50 most influential CEO's was determined by a round of public voting, followed by a panel of 13 expert judges from across the industry.

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